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I started making a game called War of Tyrants. It's a first person shooter and I haven't made much progress since I don't have a valid team. Right now I can't provide any screenshots or anything similar because I need texture artist(s) to make them.
About the job...

It would be much preferred that you are both a logo and a texture designer, although you can also be just one of the two. Payment:
If the game succeeds(I can't guarantee anything) and I make money with it, you will get paid according to the amount of work you do and how much it earns. If this game doesn't succeed it's gonna be free-to-play and, I'm sorry, but you won't earn anything(But you will get some experience at least)

I can't give you the game's story before I take you into my team.

Also, not to make you any false hopes, I am 14 years old so if you may think that I'm unqualified to make games I'm fine with that but please don't join my team and then leave like a giant douche.

By the way, the program(language) I am using to make this game is Java, plain old Java, but it ain't gonna be slow, trust me(Minecraft is made with Java).

And of course you will be mentioned in the game's credits when it is released.

Thanks in advance.

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Send me a private message or send me an email to sonjofalce@yahoo.

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