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my name is LordJarhead. I'm the sound designer and model/sound development leader for our ArmA3 Modification "ASTFOR Project". ASTFOR (Astorian Forces) is a rather big modification around the fictional country of Astorian. In our development we cover all areas of ground, air and sea vehicles as well as weapons and soldier uniforms/vests and equipment. Our mod will be followed by a professional historian who covers all background informations to create a giant and full supplied Wiki to let Astorian look as real as possible.

Our project contains vehicles like the Iveco LMVs, Patria Pasi's, Leopard 2A6M's, CV90's and more. Plus helicopters like the NH90, Bell 412 and AW550. We cover weapons like Galils, MG3s, Negev's and more.

Our current team consists of two models artists, one historian, one animator, a sound designer and our Team Leader, Label and Logo creator. The models are mostly done but only in low poly. (No High Poly baking)

But what we need are good and talented texture artists and (most important right now) someone who can create decent UV Maps from our models. If anyone is interested, cant work in a team and is looking for a challange, send me an email and I'll going to show you our latest developments, vehicles and weapon models.

Thank you very much for your time!


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