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Level Designers located Brighton, UK.

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Candy Labs is a research and development studio that experiments with new ideas to spin up the next wave of ground-breaking entertainment for kids of all ages. They work on a mix of digital and non-digital entertainment with some of the concepts being acquired from third parties, but most originating in-house.

Mind Candy's vision is to create the greatest entertainment company in the world for the new digital generation. Our flagship product is Moshi Monsters which has grown to over 80m registered users online but has also expanded successfully offline into best selling books, magazines, toys, trading cards, music albums, and a movie. Creating magical entertainment on mobile and tablets is at the heart of what we do at Mind Candy and we're now developing several groundbreaking new products for kids and their families. If you want to get on board the Mind Candy rocket ship and help craft one of Europe's most ambitious and fastest growing tech companies then we'd love to hear from you.

The Role

We are looking for an exceptional Systems Game Designer to join our team. We’re working on an exciting new game for mobile & tablet, and need an experienced systems designer to build content, design & refine desirable game mechanics.


Produce and take ownership of design specs, desirable game mechanics, game rules, balance spreadsheets, and other game documentation
Devise creative solutions to gameplay & balancing issues, working closely with our product management & data analysis teams
Interpret casual game mechanics for the mobile platform
Refine balance of live game economies
Collaborate with the design team to review specs, improve design processes, and strengthen game design as a vital pillar of the company
Analyse game metrics and player behaviour to monitor and promote game health
Develop feature set for new titles, with an emphasis on solid balance and progression
Deconstruct mechanics and systems in competitive strategy and mobile titles
Recognize and stay abreast of game design trends, patterns, and consumer preferences


Passion for making deep, engaging games on social platforms
Excitement to translate the fun of strategy games for the mobile platform
Game design experience - with particular expertise in the social genre
Ability to reason both creatively and logically
Advanced Excel knowledge, with the ability to apply formulas to tune a game
Ability to identify gameplay and balancing issues and to offer solutions to fix them
Ability to pitch game concepts clearly and effectively
Comprehensive knowledge of game mechanics -- know what’s out there, what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve
Experience as a team player -- great ideas come from everywhere. (We are an ego-free group!)
Adaptability to a rapidly shifting, fast-paced creative environment
Comfort juggling multiple responsibilities to collaborate and excel in small-team environment
Passion for all types of games including board games, trading cards and MMOs
Understanding of the freemium market
Knowledge of mobile technology -- its boundaries and unique potential as it applies to games


Experience managing games post-launch -- where the game is continuously updated and improved
Non-design game development experience, such as art, programming, etc.
Experience designing A/B tests to help guide design direction.
Familiarity with scripting languages or other technical skills related to game development
Experience creating rule sets, such as skills, classes, etc.

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