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Kriegheld Industries is the tentative name of a start-up currently seeking a dedicated and talented team for the creation of a PC game centred around cooperative, procedural, emergent gameplay coupled with excellent post-release support and a player-first focus in the adventure/ARPG genre.

Currently, I am seeking a talented artist or artists familiar with sprite-art, specifically at the 16*16 tile size. Your job will extend as far as you can or are willing to take it; from concept art or minor asset creation to taking on the entirety of the game's art requirements yourself. Qualities sought include the following:

--Talented, focused. Experience is a bonus, but this is an excellent chance for someone with raw talent to make a statement.
--Opinionated, independent. You will be thoroughly instructed and worked with on what needs doing and in what way, but how you get it done is in your hands.
--A unique sense of style and a powerful imagination.

Should you be confident enough, you will also have the opportunity to shape in very large ways the art direction and style of the game. This is a collaborative effort; input, and a degree of autonomy, is highly valued.

This position is perfect for someone who:

--Is confident about their art.
--Wishes to be a part of something bigger than themselves, but don't know where to begin.
--Believes in their field and wishes to make developing games a large part of their life.
--Seeks an entry into the industry alongside competent individuals.
--Wishes for the opportunity to personally create a theme, universe, style, or otherwise be responsible for the face of a game.
--Is eccentric; genius always is. :P

The position is paid and remuneration will be negotiated based on what you can offer and what sort of format you wish to be paid for your work in. This includes per-asset or per-milestone commissions, percentage of net income, and virtually any other format you can think of, or any hybrid thereof. Finances at the start of the project will be tight, and thus it is expected that anyone applying for such a position will be passionate enough to work towards funding; those who are with the project from inception before there is proper funding will of course be compensated accordingly.

The goal from the time of your hire will be to create a style, lay groundwork, and generate assets enough to show off the ideas and format of the game in order to secure funding, via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or if necessary private investments.

Other positions currently requiring filling include:

--Composer *FILLED
--Sound Design *FILLED

To Apply

Please email me at for more information.

Please include examples of your work, if possible, as well as what you are seeking both in terms of goals for a game/project as well as compensation for work rendered.

Application is open to all individuals of capability.

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