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Location: Anywhere for now / Seattle, WA - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Mar 17th, 2013

This position is a strange one. We have in our possession shaders which are in the wrong language. We need someone not only to produce the shaders for our game, but who can in the start can convert the older shaders to something we can use.

Knowledge Needed:
Unity 4.0
How to make C++ shader files work in Unity.

Expected Workload:
Were in a crunch-time mode right now. Most of us are working 9 to 5 jobs until we are funded. So any time you can spare.

Location: Seattle, WA

An advance of one month pay may be provided for moving expenses. Once we are funded, it will take us a while to do the internal build-out of the studio. Students will not be required to move until their coursework is finished, however any pay rates and advances may be limited until relocation occurs.

Pay: After funding pay is $20/hr, D.O.E. or proven work may be higher.

5/7/2013 update: 1 position still available.

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