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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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We are a Sydney based sound design and music production studio comprised of primary members Jay Taylor & Michael Newton. Between us we have experience working with names such as Epiphany Games, Nat Geo, MTV, Redtribe, Casual Brothers, Subspark Media and more, on projects such as Frozen Hearth, Underbelly (The Official Game), Orc Attack! Runic Rumble, ZPRA, Hairy Balls & more.

We love games. We have provided sound design & music composition for various platforms including iPhone, iPad, Sony Vita, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. We have created adaptive music systems & dynamic mixing using middleware such as Wwise, and love being involved as much as possible during integration where possible.

We love TVC’s. We’ve done a ton of TVC’s and thoroughly enjoy it. We are efficient at designing sounds and providing a crisp, punchy audio mix which translates well to TV.

Voice Acting. We have a network of voice actors suitable for all jobs, from corporate presentations to comical cartoons. No obligation demo’s can be provided, with highly competitive rates. Let us find the talent for you, and provide a finished product.

Local and Remote. We enjoy working locally when possible, but we are equally at home working remotely, having worked remotely to USA, UK, Germany & other locations in the past. With high speed cloud based file delivery and extended communication availability, we have had no problem delivering to tight deadlines on time.

Affordability. We like to cater to all projects, big and small, so our production is customized according to your budget. We have many resources we can make use of such as live string ensembles and customized Foley recordings, but we understand that not all projects need them. We can make the best use of the budget at hand. Don’t hesitate to ask what we can do for your project, regardless of size.

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