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Web/Other located Anywhere - Skype Required.

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- Be able to work in a team-oriented environment.
- Be able to learn quickly.
- Good story composition.
- Creativity.
- Good Item Management.

Bonus Skills
- VB6 or VB.Net programming knowledge.

- List any experience in game development that you have ever had and it will be taken into consideration.

Details About Project
This is horror/mystery themed 2D MMO based on Victorian Era England in a small town. People are committing suicide and horrific crimes. Mirrors are the gateways to a parallel version of their own world, where good is evil through the mirror, sanity turns to insanity, order turns to chaos. Game will follow a main storyline and players will be exposed to side quests along their journey to stop the parallels from devastating the good side. More details to follow for whoever is hired.

Details About Role
This role involves working immediately below the Parallels Project Manager and will be in charge of overseeing map/quest/dungeon/pvp development as well as contribute to it. This position also has say over what Junior Content Developers work on, but final say will always come down from Project Manager.

Company Work Ethic
Voltisoft revolves around communication. We use Skype to do this. We also have a staff email that will be used from time to time to transport large files and messages. All employees will receive an email account with the company name. Developers are expected to be active in the involved communities that Voltisoft has a presence in, as well as involved in the game's forums and in-game whenever possible.

To Apply

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Anywhere - Skype Required
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