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Hey all, my name is Chris and I am seeking programmers of maturity and prideful persistence to partake in a long-term project which will see compensation after completion (possibly multiple times)
Here is the description for Reprocess, naturally - I'm sure questions will be left after reading - in which case, please contact me .

Reprocess is a large scale, single player, war simulator where players will combat massive robot armies in an FPS taking inspiration from Battlefront, Rome: Total War, and classical RPG elements. Players will not only experience intense warfare in first person, but customise their hero, customise their army, manage their army, conquer a tile based map, board enemy war machines, and battle upon beautifully constructed environments of varying seasons and topography.

Classic RPG elements such as leveling up will be implemented not only for your hero, but squads which survive battles - bringing a whole other level of persistence and familiarity with the NPC's you will fight beside and customise. Game modes will include classic take and hold scenarios, storming bases, attacking power generators, and fully demolishing the enemy army (with more to be planned) Conquered land will also be customisable, with turrets and such that will be noticeable while fighting on that land.

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