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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Realm Zero is looking to add a few new members to the development and production team. The positions available are voluntary (non-paid) and should be viewed as a chance to gain experience in the game industry.

Mission Statement
The goal this year is to work towards building a very stable and graphically stunning platform. This include elements such as: network, graphic, sound, combat, crafting and other core improvements to help make this game something that stands out from the crowd.
Once this has been achieved beginning in January 2015 the game will attempt to make an appearance on KickStarter with the hopes of achieving financial backing. This is currently a project that has been built on spare time and limited resources. However if the project gets funded, it will then become a full-time commitment with the potential to hire full-time and contractual employees.

Programmer - Shader Development
This position requires knowledge and proficiency with the c++ programming language. You will be responsible for creating and implementing the (HLSL & CG) shaders which will communicate directly with the graphics card. The shaders will implement features like (normal mapping, shadows and alpha transparency).

Programmer - Character Development
This position requires knowledge and proficiency with the c++ programming language, PERL is also a desired skill. You will be working with a program called MakeHuman and working towards directly integrating the generated characters into the game. This will branch into character customization and properly applying clothing and armor to characters.

Source Code
Individuals selected for the available positions will be given access to a (trimmed down ) version of the current game engine. This subset version will be managed via a GitHub repository and shared among the developers within the project. This will allow everyone to work together and commit changes as they see fit throughout the development cycle.

If feel that you would make a good addition to the team and posses the skills mentioned for the desired position above, please fill out and submit the following application.

To Apply

Please send email to with a link to your portfolio as well as listing your skillset. Drop us a line as well on our forums at

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