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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Pro_11_Studios on Mar 5th, 2013

My name is Kevin. I am an audio engineer. I am currently working with my company, Pinnacle Production Studios, as well as Everwing Studios to produce a game. I have recently decided to start my own venture as well. If you are a skilled programmer/coder and are interested in a part time, unpaid(for now), job making a quality video game then continue reading.

- Knows a few programming languages
- Can work with a team
- Has a love for video games
- Can work (at least) a few hours every few days
- Is willing to wait for pay until our first game is developed
- Creative
- Some experience coding games is preferable

To Apply

To apply E-mail me at: with your resume showing all of the things in the qualifications.