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Looking for a programmer talented. I am in the process of designing a largely text based game with very few visual elements. The visual aspects will function much like a menu, although the game itself will include many variables and other assorted game play.

Speaking of the game, it began as a Drug Dealing Simulator, much like the original Drug Wars for Dos. Although it was to be far more complicated, including things like variable prices, different amounts, a fictional economy and events that affected trade. The game eventually evolved into an all out Crime Syndicate Simulator, with various gangs to war with, trade with and make peace with. Many other aspects of game play such as underground gambling and weapon trafficking. I even added an option for players to start a Fast Food chain, turning this into a Breaking Bad simulator. This game does feature some more disturbing themes, that not all people will appreciate, however any help with programming would be appreciated.

If interested, please email me at.

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