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Programmers located Anywhere.

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(paid after project) This position is good for people who would like to improve they're skills, add to they're portfolio and gain some experience. The game is a basic linear fps that features a dynamic story that changes relative to players choices. What is special about this project is that it will be sold to a per-established fan base of over 230,000 devoted fans. I need devoted team members who are willing to use Skype on an almost daily basis. The platforms we need to develop for are xbox one ps4 and pc.

Positions needing to be filled:

An artist/s will need to be able to create promotional pieces, concept art and high quality textures for objects to be used in the final product.

A programmer/s is required to code for the ui, ai, and basic functions and mechanics of the game on the latest UDK4 engine.

An animator/s will need to be able to rig models, animate basic actions such as crouch, cover, running etc...

A sound technician capable of producing a wide range of sounds to match the actions being performed, ambient sound, and any other sounds required to bring the game to life.

A asset and character modeler capable of modeling real people and objects and be able to port the models to UDK4.

And finally a level designer capable of creating scenes and placing assets in the environment to bring the world to life.

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