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Programmers located Anywhere - Form of communication through Skype may be required.

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Maker's Lair is the current studio behind 'Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future'. We're hoping to have the game stretch-out in all aspects of design, program writing and programming of game production.

We're looking for programmers (And AI programmers) to design the future of Wicked Evolving. Through this work you'll be responsible for your own self-set tasks, for example; UI, VGUI, QTE, gameplay, Etc.

#1 - Role:

Your role would be to program and design the coding for the WEBF system, this could work one of two ways;
You work from your own bases from other productions
Or work from the default 'Source-Engine' filing. - For Maker's Lair's 2009 - 2016 production; 'Wicked Evolving'. This would entail the design of code for the game and bases (Depends of role).

Your working time will be quite short, we are fully prepared and ready to hire a programmer and designer.

#2 - Experience:

(Depends of role)
Understanding of C++, Source-Engine and/ or Source-Engine Game-aspects, Be able to communicate with the lead manager and director, along with being able to build the code from their idea & style.

No work with VS or Visual (Model) design included/ necessary.

#3 - Work, it-self:

We would like to clarify the positions stance. A very short amount of your time will be used to design the coding, depending on your schedule.

- And we'll offer you a very interesting work style.

#4 - Benefits:

This position is voluntary and you will only receive artificial benefits.

For your time, work and production; we can offer a possible recommendation for your Resume` or CV, as we are a licensed employer and studio, full credits of your name and affiliates, public recognition through the use of articles or updates/ showcases.


Thank you very much for reading. Please do contact if you have any questions!

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Anywhere - Form of communication through Skype may be required
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