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Programmers located Anywhere (SE Asia preferred).

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Chronicle Games is looking for a full-time, permanent programmer. Our small team is currently prototyping a mobile / tablet RPG based on the idea of digging and underground exploration. It's pretty unique, but for comparison you could reference Terraria or Gem Miner 2 (on Android only).

For tech, our prototyping framework is currently HaxeFlixel, which should be comfortable to learn for anyone with AS3 or Java experience. We may switch to Unity for production. You would be part of that discussion (and all other important decisions!)

Here are a few of the game's features:

- Procedural level generation
- Turn-based gameplay
- A collect-and-upgrade metagame
- Strategic combat with traps

We're looking for both a senior and junior developer, but either position requires past game engineering experience and a full time commitment. We're definitely indies with a limited budget, but all positions are paid.

Finally, a bit about the company: we're currently three, but will be five people within a month or two (including you). Those of us currently on the project have experience releasing professional games, and we also have some great advisors to help make sure everything we do is top-notch. And although the studio itself is remote, it's a plus if you're in the region of Taiwan (meaning anywhere in southeast Asia).

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