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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

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Phoenix Interactive is constantly hiring. That means almost all people of good will are welcomed in our association. Therefore, if the following opportunity seems to be interesting for you, ensure that you satisfy the required conditions. More importantly, Phoenix Interactive being a non-profit association, our members are all volunteers.

Notice: More conditions may be needed for this job. However, the most important ones are here.


- Role: Programmer
- Places: Unlimited
- Status: Volunteer
- Location: Anywhere


In order to become a Programmer, you ensure that you satisfy the following conditions:
✓ Have a good knowledge with the "LUA" coding system*
✓ Be able to create new functions with OpenGL 3.3 capabilities
✓ Be able to discuss with the whole team, either in English or in French**
✓ Be able to work as a team with other members

* Our mods being created for Homeworld: Remastered, powered by OpenGL 3.3, our scripts are in LUA.
** That means you'll be discussing, debating and working with other team members, as Phoenix Interactive stresses the importance of teamwork. Both members know themselves, whatever their nationalities. Alone you'll be faster, but together we'll go further.

To Apply

Pick one of these options to submit your application.
You should select your favorite one. It doesn't matter at all. However, ModDB should be the best option for you, so that you can get an answer as soon as possible.

Via Moddb

- Send a PM to Thibault "Erayser" Testart :

Via our email

- Send an email to

Via our official website

- Register on our website and submit a topic :

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