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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2013

Job Description

This is an opportunity to join DeltaStrium on our current project for Android and PC as a programmer to work alongside the lead programmer on aspects of the coding process.

Applicants must have a passion for games or strong desire to make games of high quality.

Job Requirements
•Experience in OpenGL, OpenGLES is a plus
•Experience working with GLSL and doing shaders
•Strong knowledge of java programming
•Strong Collections framework knowledge
•Follow good coding standards
•LWJGL or JOGL experience would be a plus
•Experience doing OpenGLES applications for Android OS
•Must have knowledge in multiple programming languages XNA or DirectX in C# or C/C++
•Iphone knowledge a bonus but not essential

All applicants must be able to provide a portfolio and examples of coding skills.

To Apply

Send Portfolio to

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