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Survivor Zero is a survival horror game that puts players in a realistic and diverse setting a few weeks after an epidemic has ripped through humanity. You'll explore massive procedurally generated environments; Scavenge supplies, craft weapons, run, hide, and survive in a desolate world whilst battling the elements, hunger, thirst, and a vicious, undying, and terrifyingly human enemy.

The style of the game is realistic, and set in present-day (post-apocalypse) america. To get a better idea of what we're working on, check out our teaser trailer, facebook page, website and here's a small gallery of some concept stuff. We've been working hard for around 2 years now with a lot of art assets, a procedurally generated world and basic crafting, but we need some help for the final push to alpha.

We're all in regular contact through a skype IM chat, which is the preferred method of communication if you were to join since it makes it easier to talk with everyone.

We're looking for a few extra members to supplement our existing team, so if you have experience in Unity and C# and have the time to devote to this project, get in touch!

I should mention that this is not a paid position; we are intending to launch a kickstarter campaign in the future, but we would much prefer team members who are devoted to making a great game rather than hoping for an eventual payout.

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