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After moths of being slightly anonymous while posting, we feel it would be better for both us and our community to put together a set of avatars for those included in the project (link below).

Preferably, we'd like something unique, that stands out, and gives our overall basis image of clarity.

Our most recent intrigue has been that of Polygon Art. Some examples:

As we're attempting to be a bit more specific in the type of art, we'd appreciate it if you post, only if, you feel as though this is something that you can, and are willing to complete.

As you will be working under contract, we'd need you to fill out a work transfer agreement as well as a non-disclosure agreement.

While applying:
- provide link to past projects
- provide link to similar projects
- brief 50 (or so) word summary of your personal interpretation
- provide and questions/concerns/comments

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