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looking for someone that can Animate,Create and Rig 3D model zombies for the unreal engine from 2004 but not just normal zombies, the zombies from the movie dawn of the dead the original one (1978)We would need them created in either 3DsMax,Maya, Blender or whatever 3D modeling program that can export to unreal04.We need almost exact replicas of memorable zombies/characters from the movie..for example Hare Krishna Zombie, Flannel Zombie or even the two main protagonist's Peter and Roger.Also animating isn't too big of a deal if you don't know how that's not what were worried about but it is a plus if you can animate.The Details of the project:Dawn of the Dead conversion mod will be called Monroeville Mall and will be modded for a game called Land Of The Dead:Road To Fiddlers Green this mod will be objective based missions split into multiple levels which will include action, driving and more,The team consists of only two people so far Brando and I (Jerm)but somehow with just us two the map is near completion we just need to finish the parking lot, Penny's department store and a few minor things

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