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Location: France - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Mar 19th, 2013


We are looking for a pixel-art artist for a web retro medieval MMORPG in 2D orthogonal called Jiun on PC,Linux, Solaris, and Mac .().

You are passionated of retro gaming and you are skilled and passionated in pixel art graphic style. Your communications skills are also good.

As an artist you will have to make various tilesets (village, forest, mountain), characters and their stuff. You will have also to draw doodads (dynamics objects such as trees) according to the current LOD and style of Jiun.

You will use legal softwares, that means that you are not allowed to use a software when you do not own a legal licence. You should use The GIMP. We will provide you tools so that you try characters you made in realtime with their stuff as tilesets.

Speaking French is a plus.

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