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We are looking for a user interface programmer to help us with our game Novus Aeterno. We are an established studio and the game is fully functional and nearing beta. We have been at two international conventions, the latest being PAX East, which led to a lot of exposure and acclaim.

PC Gamer: Novus Aeterno claims to be the "first true MMORTS"
tek syndicate: PAX East Novus Aeterno footage and interview
Destructiod: PAX First look at MMO/RTS hybrid Novus Aeterno Novus Aeterno - An Ambitious MMORTS Rising
The Escapist: Novus Aeterno promises big things from a small company

More about Novus Aeterno
It is an MMORTS taking place in space within a seamless and persistent universe. Novus Aeterno will have large fleet battles, diplomacy, trading, crafting, planet colonization, alliances, ship customization, customizable avatars, just to name a few key features.

Our Facebook page has the most up-to-date content and links to a lot of interviews and articles from PAX East.

Our panel at PAX East explains a lot about the game and shows gameplay footage.

Excellent knowledge of ActionScript 3 and Flash
Excellent knowledge of C++
Able to work both independently and with a team

Scaleform experience

Job Description
You will be working with our 2D artist and our client programmer to implement a user interface in Flash. You will get assets from the artist that you will import into Flash (or convert to vector graphics). You need to make sure that the end-user gets an interface that is easy to use, logical and consistent.

Controls/Widgets you will create includes (but not limited to) checkboxes, scrollbars, lists, text input fields, buttons etc.

Programming will be done both in ActionScript 3/Flash, and in C++ using the Scaleform API.

You will be working from home (like everyone else) and communicate via Skype and Messenger.

Work hours
Position is full-time.

Monthly salary

To Apply

Send your résumé / CV and cover letter to jobs [at] taitale [dot] com

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