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5 Hit Combo Entertainment is looking for talent to help create a new and amazing game project that we plan to put on kickstarter. We are creating a sci-fi retro game, think 16 bit, bringing back the look and feel of the great SNES and Genesis titles that we grew up with. Here’s what we are looking for.

We need sprite artists to create sprites for the game. We also need pixel artist to create the backgrounds. The artists must be able to match the style of our concept art, but will be given some artistic freedom to bring their own flair to the visual look of the game.

We are also looking for a programmer who can work with the Unity 2D engine.

Here’s our plan. We’ve been working hard for months creating concept art, a compelling storyline, and an excellent game design. We’ve reached the point where we need to bring in more talent to help create a working and playable prototype for the kickstarter campaign. We plan to release the title for PC, possibly through Steam, and the OUYA game console. Other consoles may become a possibility.

Now this is a kickstarter project, so we are looking for talent that is willing to work for free, that is until we are funded from the campaign. We plan to launch the campaign sometime in September, development allowing. By working on the prototype you will get to be a part of something awesome, continuing to work as a permanent paid part of the development team after we have secured the funding.

We are two life long gamers with a dream to make a game that we want to play. We have one member that’s finished school with a degree in game design, and is obsessed with the art of game development. Our other member is a concept artist and illustrator that’s been working in the indie game industry for the past 8 years. We have been hard at work, spending our own time to bring life to this game. We don’t have any investors, so we are in this without any pay until the campaign is successful as well.

If you are interested in creating an awesome retro style game, email us with a link to your portfolio, and feel free to include a resume if you wish, and any questions you may have at:

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