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VAStudios is seeking someone with the experience, knowledge and passion to create and set moods across various levels/areas of design in our current release project and future releases.

Our first title release is nearing completion and we're looking for someone with a strong musical background to apply their touch and make things come to life. Please already have all software/hardware required to complete the tasks.

Gobbo is on schedule to release in the next few weeks so we are looking for someone that is available to jump in on this project and get their creative talents hooked into our project and your name in the credits.

We are a small Studio Community of just five people that are working toward profit sharing on this title release and all future releases. Gobbo is being developed in Unity and set to be released on all mobile platforms; iOS/Android with a possible Web/PC/MAC release in the future.

Please contact us if you are willing to work for no up-front wages with the possibility of a cut of the profit shares. We are open to discussion about compensation, however, we cannot pay an up-front wage.

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