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we are a friendly, small, german-american indie team with a love on horror, survival and shooter games. We are currently looking for a 3d modeller to realize our ideas for a survival game. The game plays after a economical crash and will be mainly a multiplayer game (1st person). We also want to make it playable as singeplayer and maybe we‘ll add a singleplayer story later but our focus is the multiplayer experience. The Engine will be the unreal engine 4.
But the big contra is that we can't pay for your work. We don't earn any money with a game yet. We would be ready to donate for you when we make money.

You should:
- have good english skills
- be creative
- know what you‘re doing
- be always friendly

(and maybe some experience how to set servers up)

We‘re looking foreward to hear from you!

Here are our first concepts:

Status effects
tiredess: - time
- exhaustion
- can be reduced by sleeping or resting

- sleeping:
- sleep in small caves / splits in rocks/mountains
- builded shelter (different types e.g. leaf, stick, log, metal)
- beds (crafted or in shacks)

- resting:
- on a bench, logs or crouching

- reduced by jumping and sprinting
- max amount is reduced during hunger, thirst and tiredness
- can be improved by much running (skill)
- can be reloaded by drinking energy, rest and crouching

hunger: -time
- exhaustion
- can be reduced by eating

thirst: -time
- can be reduced by drinking

food & drinks:
- hunting animals with axe, bow or traps
- loot (can be poisoned)
- findable plants
- farming system
- faming animals

- drink from (ocean), lakes, rivers, water bottles
- clear or dirty (deepens on the kind of drink)
- save water in bottles, cooking pots and barrels

- the player can craft everything
- ores (mines), scrapped materials from loot or destroying objects
- player can smelt things in forge, make cement in cement mixer

- premade (maybe more than one after release)
- fully interactive
- dynamic terrain
- loot in houses, tents and small shacks (randomly loot which respawns)

- the player can interact with the most things in the map
- interactions take time (like healing during a fight)
- realistic interactions (like you see how the player opens a cabinet and you can see the things the player can find)

[MP-only] Trading system with currency
We thought about a trading and currency system where players can trade to each other and/or sell materials and objects in NPC „shops“

The player can find and craft multiple kinds of backpacks with different advantages and disadvantages (e.g. a backpack where you can carry much water [water barrel on the top] but not many other things like building materials.).
The amount of things the player can carry is hard limited. To carry a higher amount of things from a special type (like building materials) you‘ll need a special backpack or something like a wheelbarrow.

PvP and Factions
Fighting is an everyday thing in a situation like this. We thought about making a kind of factions where you can build and fight with your friends together against other peoples or factions. For killing other players the player will recieve experience points and the player will be able to loot the backpack from the other player.

We haven‘t an exact idea for the skill system yet.
The listed things are just concepts and can be changed.

To Apply

E-Mail: [please mention "survival game" in the application]

You can also send me a private message on DISCORD (just add me): TotemHunter#1197

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