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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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RVR is in need for 3D modelers on the following subjects:
• Interior modeling
• City modeling
• Scenery modeling
• Weapons modeling
• RMS Carpathia modeling

About the project,

The Mafia Titanic Mod is a large modification for the PC game “Mafia – City of Lost Heaven”
It features a 3D replica of the RMS Titanic with a whole new storyline for the game.
It’s initial development started in 2006 as a one-man mod. But since 2010 a whole team started to merge.

Because of the mod’s long development and future plans I want to work on soon I feel the need of having the whole modeling part done as soon as possible. The original interior modeler has not enough time to finish the ship with me in a short period.

The following is important:
If you wish to cooperate with this project as a modeler it is NOT advised to apply during (upcoming) school exams. This is simply because school always has a higher priority, meaning that no work can be done for this mod.
At the moment, some team members including myself are having this issue.

Of course, unforeseen issues can always happen such as illness, personal issues etc. I won’t make a problem about those.

Requirements for all subjects,
• As mentioned above, be free from any kind of long period time consuming event.
• Experienced with detailed low poly mesh modeling. (Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya etc.)
• Provide footage of earlier works for me to judge my decision on.
• Able to create well optimized geometry. (removing unnecessary polygons, points and such)
• For interior modeling – Knowledge about technical facts of the ship is an advantage, but not required.
• Able to create realistic, baked and optimized textures for their 3D models.

About each subject,

Interior modeling (Highest priority):
The modeler must help creating accurate interior locations of the RMS Titanic. I shall provide the “boundary area geometry” which represents the outline the interior cannot exceed to make it all fit once in game. I also shall provide all necessary footage you’ll need to create each room.
Interiors can vary from 1st class staterooms to 2nd and 3rd class cabins, to restaurants, boiler rooms, engine room and cargo holds. If you typically prefer a certain area that hasn’t been made yet, please mention it in your contact message.

The already completed interiors can be found on the main page here:

City modeling:
For the final mission, the player sets foot on Empire Bay (The fictional city from Mafia II)
A piece of the city must be modeled for a car chase scene which ends at a large villa.
It is recommended to own Mafia II for making this model. The city doesn’t have to be anywhere near 100% accurate. As long as it looks nice and can be recognized as EB.
Also a far distance model needs to be created for the sequence when the player is still on board the Carpathia.

Scenery modeling:
This subject involves the surrounding detail during the missions.
This varies from objects to add on the dock, to personal belongings of passengers to anything else to decorate the scene besides the locations themselves.

Weapons modeling:
There is a list of custom weapons that is to be made for the mod. One of them is the Maxim automatic machine gun.
A detailed list of all weapons shall be provided later on.

RMS Carpathia Modeling:
After Titanic has sunk, a story sequence shall take place on the Carpathia, the ship that saved the survivors of the disaster. If you like to apply for modeling this ship it is advised to have some knowledge about 1900’s era steamships due to the little documentation I have about the ship.
Knowing how such ships were made/looked could prevent any strange inaccuracies.
No interior needs to be made. Just the exterior.

For some functions, especially the interior modeling, may have multiple people on the job.
To have an idea of the ammount of people I seek:
• Interior modeling (2-10)
• City modeling (1-2)
• Scenery modeling (1-2)
• Weapons modeling (1-2)
• RMS Carpathia modeling (1)

The Carpathia modeler might prefer doing this by himself as no interior is required. He can have many objects from Titanic to decorate his ship with.
Therefore, to avoid two people bugging each other I decide to only seek one modeler for this job as the ship is practically one object.

To Apply

If you are interested on any of the functions, don't hesitate to contact me by sending me a PM or filling in the contact form on
I do not read my profile page here on ModDB often so don't bother posting there.

The information I need from you:

.Full name
.Email address
.Background in modeling with visual examples of elder work from you.
.How much you know about the subject you want to model for.
.The function you want to apply for

Please check once again the requirements that were mentioned above in the description

I'll be looking forward to any response!

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