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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Jul 12th, 2014


I am the Project Lead for INT. Here is a little about our project: and an example of our style:

In short, we are a new game studio building a 3D modeled world set in a Sci-Fi universe with realtime combat and a top-down isometric camera for a public (free) demo. This demo will then be used to facilitate our steam greenlight and kickstarter campaigns.

This means for the time being we are a profit sharing operation, but we have a great team from around the world numbering at about 23 and believe our mission is obtainable.

I am looking for a new members to join our devteam department (coding/art). Right now, I am only looking for modelers and coders to join. There will be a sample submission requested upon revival of your application and an interview scheduled.

Please email me your qualifications, time zone, weekly availability, and experience.

My email is

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