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Lethal Lens Productions is seeking talented 3d artists for our FPS MMO game named 'Project Icarus'. Payment type is royalty based on a contracted percentage of projects sales. This is our side jobs for now, and we don't have the means to fund "on staff" employees at this time. A full kickstarter campaign will be introduced once we have graphical representation of the game and some working details to be able to podcast, youtube and get social media running on.

Project Icarus is storyline driven with lore content & characters within the game to co-exist with a web-series storyline that advance each season ending.

Typical map types are available to play; Domination, Capture the Flag, & Death match. We are targeting PC gamers, as well developing for PS3/Xbox after PC launch depending upon how well the PC campaign goes.

====3D MODELLERS====
This role will be responsible to work directly with Dan for the meat & potatoes of this project. Dan is heading up the art department for our team and needs someone that is competent to model hard surface objects for props, architecture design & buildings for environmental details as well interiors too.

Software is yours to choose from, as long as you can successfully export to .obj format. Some key requirements that I'll be looking for are as follow:

-Ability to model low topology mesh with high resolution maps baked for textures, and UV workflow.
-The ability to produce texture maps in a highly detailed fashion.
-Dedication to a project.
-Able to meet deadlines
-Communicate effectively and on time replies to project members.

Experience with rigging/animation is a preferred ability, but not required.
Game engine experience (UDK)

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Interested candidates should submit their portfolio work and a small bio of yourself to

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