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We at NOEX are looking for skilled artists to jump on board with our title TOOLBOX.

TOOLBOX is an action-adventure third-person shooter with a futuristic sci-fi setting, which will feature single player, multiplayer co-op and online multiplayer - though at the time being we are focusing on single player.

TOOLBOX will present players with an arena to fight and challenge themselves, whether it is in story mode or multiplayer - players will experience epic, almost choreographed fight scenes and will be tested in their creativity, skill, ingenuity and reflexes to surpass the obstacles ahead.

The team is composed of 4 members:

Antio Duarte Silva - Game Designer/Writer
Jeremy Paillotin - Concept artist
Daniel Chen - Lead Programmer
Sean zhao - Programmer

Your Main duties:

- Creating character models and textures
- Modeling 3D accessories and weapons for characters

- Creating simple and dynamic animations cycles
- Creating simple weapon and accessories animations


- Great taste and ideas;
- High communication skills;
- Possesses good verbal and written communication skills in English;
- Maintains schedules;
- Tremendous passion for games;
- Good work ethics and works well with others;

- We are looking for 3D modelers and 3D animators but Generalists are also welcome -

We will consider anyone with either commercial or non-commercial experience as but a must have to apply is passion for games and game making. We're looking for someone that wants to be a part of our team, not just to work with us.

[Important] We don't have any funding (at the moment) so this is an unpaid position (like all of ours) but were aiming to have a strong prototype to pitch, show around, maybe Kickstart it. Any resulting revenue will be distributed equally among the team.

There is no preference in what 3D software you might use, your tool is your own.

Do you want to join us in our quest? If interested, please contact us via email

To Apply

Send us a showreel and/or portfolio with a small self introduction to

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