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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by bendabee on Mar 25th, 2013


I'm a Game Designer/Modeler and I have a small but fun game idea. The game is to be somewhat of a "Build-up some experience" project but if the game grows to the point where it has some marketability all revenue will be divided among the team.

- I'm looking for a programmer and an animator but all interested may reply -

About the game:
It's a crazy, weird game about a boy's journey in a twisted, insane world and his role as Sludge Boy. The game counts with platform elements as well as puzzle influences.

It will have a strong visual appeal and a grimm story, as well as some crazed characters in the mixture - all wrapped up with some non-sense comedy.

So, that being said: wanna join me in this ride?

To Apply

Email me and tell me a bit about yourself, past experiences, etc.