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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Nanokii on Mar 28th, 2013

i All,

We are currently recruiting for passionate UDK Programmers and Developers with a good understanding of UDK development.

Project Name: Incarnot


nce thriving cities fell into ruin, and were retaken by nature. The Saverian people placed their hope for the future in carnotium, a recently discovered mineral with a tremendous energy output. By adapting ancient machinery to harness this new power source, the Saverians were able to perfect portable steam engines, entering a new technological revolution, and paving the way to rebuilding their civilization. However, a new threat has emerged. Demon-like creatures with incredible strength, known only as the Spawn, have begun ambushing the carnotium mines, cutting off the Saverian’s supply to this vital resource. Without carnotium, the last hope for civilization will be lost.

This position will be working within various teams providing programming and development skills.

You will be working with this team to provide advice and technical development of your skill set.

You can view some of our concepts via our website:

Thank you for your interest

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