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Hi everyone,
We're currently looking for one person to fill the vacant 2D artist position for our in-development game Novalis. We plan to release this game on Desura and hopefully get it Greenlit afterwards. You will receive about 25% of all revenue.
The art style is intended to be similar to Japanese Dark Fantasy.

Also, we're thinking about converting the game over from pixelated graphics to higher res/Vector sprites, but that's still up in the air and depends on what you are comfortable with.

About the Team:
- We currently have 3 people on the team, including myself.
- Two of us are located in British Columbia, and one person is located in Japan.
- We're all in our early 20s.
- All of us attended school for our respective positions (Game Design, Sound Design, etc) but this is our first big project

Who we're looking for:
(** = Not necessary but is a plus)
- Will see the project through to the end
- Responsible
- Performs assigned tasks on time
- Motivated
- **Skype (Makes contact easier)
- **Experience with this genre (and preferably enjoys it)

What you'll be doing:
- Tilesets
- Item/Environment sprites
- Character sprites and animations (Not the Character Portraits)
- Monster sprites and animations
- Building sprites

Another big plus is that you can/will play the game and give feedback. We also encourage expressing any ideas you may have for the game, like "I think it would be cool if _______ was in the game!" etc, etc.

To Apply

Please send some examples of your work and some information about yourself to

As mentioned above, we're still in the air about which style we want to use for the game (Pixelated or Higher res/Vector), so if you're interested in working on Novalis with us, please include some examples of your work in the style you'd prefer working in.
IE. If you prefer Pixelated, please show some of your pixel art. If you prefer high res/Vector, please show some of that.

If you really want to impress us, also do a quick (Seriously, don't spend hours on it) graphic of something you think would fit in visually with the game. Or, if you're interested in high res/Vector art, a graphic of what you think one of the current sprites would look like in higher res would be awesome. This is by no means necessary, but it would help us understand if your style fits with our vision.

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