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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by killazz112 on Oct 23rd, 2013

Would you be up for joining a small spare-time project? It's a horror game, based on a the adventures of a child in a world of horror. We are using a brand "new" engine, which hasn't really seen the light of game development that much in the past, but it has great potential, and the physics engine is the same as the newest Amnesia, meaning we can easily manipulate around with that a bit too.
We are looking for 3D modelers, concept artists, texture artists - everything possible. We are already quite a few people ready to work, but the more, the merrier of course.

What we are mostly in need of are:
Story writer to polish and write a full story.
3D modelers - especially for terrain.
Texture artist.

Feel free to PM me back, or even easier; add my skype:


I hope hearing from you!

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Simply send me a message on Skype for fastest contact, or PM me here.