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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Hello, I'm currently working on a Zombie 3d game with T3D(Torque 3D) we currently have 1 Programmers, and in need of "User Interface Artist" "Level Designers" "Character Modelers" "Cinematics creators" "Graphic Designers" "Sound Composers"

Let me know if your interested in helping you can help work on the game with your name in the game credits and (Possibly future pay).

Here's a description of me

I'm a Indi-Developer so I rely on other people to fill in the spots that I can't do my self. I'm in need of help for the Zombie game which when it is released hopefully within the next 2-3 months for free, with an in-game shop.

also I'm just doing this to start a "Portfolio" and could help you start a future career for game design.

e-mail me if you would be interested with some of your work I can look at, you don't have to be "Professional" just at least know what you are doing and can meet deadlines.

Also nice to see portfolio's and Resume if you have one!

Any questions I can answer through E-mail or Skype.

My E-mail please do not spam.

My Skype

- Must be going to college or finished for the spot you are applying for
- Must dedicate at least 15+ hours a week
- Must communicate
- No bad team play
- Must have a passion for games (Would love to hear the game you currently play)
- Must be able to balance work times with real life activities)
- Have to try and get to the meetings on Skype(Can work around if in different time zones.)


*Understanding of how games work and what people want
*Passing Ideas to me and then to the team(I love to hear Ideas and so would the team)

I might have missed a few So if you have talent and I didn't list it here feel free to contact me as I would love to hear what you can do!

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