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Location: This job will be Online - Looking for: Level Designers

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Hello all. This is a job position by a non profit company. We cannot pay you but you will have enough experience. All you require is determination. We want maximum 2 level designers only and they should under 18 (we are 15).

You need to have a little experience in Unity3d and some in 3DS max.

This shall be a FPS game. We are still trying and we will launch it or not is not guaranteed but your name on our website and Youtube channel shall be displayed,at least for helping.We also want Game testers. Only one game tester.
Thank you, Regards and Cheers.

To Apply

Level designers:Send your .OBJ/.FBX 3d model to xphyronTV;Game testers:send your game channel link/Number of games you have completed(on Your computer/mac) and your computer/mac specs to

This job will be Online
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