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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Level Designers

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Humanity's Descent is a Scif-fi FPS game based on an alternate reality of the Halo Universe. It will feature a campaign that we've been writing for 5 years, as well as multiplayer and many variations of space combat mechanics. Planned release for Windows PC and Xbox One Free-to-Play.

This project gives you the chance to truly put your skills to the test by crafting amazing environments in modeling programs such as Max and Blender and using AAA concept images as references. The team you'd work with is friendly and willing to help and give advice, as well as dedicated to the completion of this project as AAA quality.

Your Role

So, what will you do exactly? You, as the level designer, will create outstanding 3D environment geometry from incredible concept images using programs such as 3ds Max, Worldbuilder, Blender, etc.

What You Need

You MUST have advanced experience in 3D modeling for terrains in any of the standard modeling applications (Blender, Max)

You MUST be able to craft geometry from provided concept art.

You MUST have good communication skills. (Speech and text)

You should have (But don't need) experience with Unity3D.

You MUST be willing to modify your work if asked by game developer.

Halo is owned by Microsoft.


To Apply

Send an email to the boss at

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