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Allied games is looking for a lead writer to help plan out our fantasy RTS game. We have a small cast of characters but require a lot of work putting them into motion. You will have a lot of creative control over the story including character profiles and personalities, plot points, world overview etc.

What would you do?

- Review our target audience
- Find out what our competitors are doing
- Plan methods of communication (eg: dialogue, menus etc.)

Background Writing:
- Create world overview
- Create profiles for all troop types
- Expand on culture/relationships between groups

Overview Concepts
- Brainstorm story ideas
- Create 3-5 major story arcs (1-2 paragraph each, with
bullets about potential plot points)

Story Overview
- Expand on major story arc
- Break major story arc into minor arcs for all levels

Level Scripting
- Create step by step tutorials for opening levels of the game
with screenshots, etc.
- Create a detailed script for each level

- As scripts are implemented, test to ensure consistency &
- Final proofing, review for errors & report

That's the overall process that we are looking for.

To Apply

send an email to with the subject of "Writer Application" (no quotes). Any other subject will get sent to junk and likely ignored sorry. Attach an example of your work and a resume if you have one handy.

We focus a lot on communication so prompt replies and listening to instruction are a big plus.

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