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Location: Anywhere - Skype Required - Looking for: Programmers

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I need a Programmer experienced in either java, C#, or C++. you must now how to program most thing inside of a game or have the ability to quickly learn a part of it. we are currently working on a project called "Project Origin" although that is all that is put to the public so far sorry i know i am very vague about it but all the textures i am making as the artist are on the facebook page so if you are in disbelief please do look these are amazing textures and we just need a programmer to make this project a success. you would be free to work whenever you have the opportunity meaning no strict hours as long as you get the job done, also we are very laid back and we would love to have you aid also if that's not enough and you like Fallout 3 then we have "Three Dog", Erik Todd Dellums as a voice actor!!!

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Send me an email @ with the topic as IndieDB so that it stands out Thank You.

Anywhere - Skype Required
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