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Hail !
My name is Adolfo, developer and co-founder of HAIL Studios, a new game studio. We are focused in the development, investment and management of new games in many platforms.
Our current project is Unnamed 101, a game developed for iOS that takes place in a fantastic steampunk world.The project has started, the game fundamentals are set and the story is laid down.
We are looking for a talented, motivated and self-driven Level Designer with relevant experience in third-person shooter games if possible to join the team as soon as possible.

The Project
*In a steampunk world, take control of Unnamed 101 just as he wakes up finding himself being experimented on by machines. Journey through an amazing underground civilization and explore fantastic environments. Wield great weapons, learn powerful science, solve puzzles, and deploy nifty and brutal gadgets on your way to save the world.
*Join the U101 existing force and embrace a working environment full of Freedom, Energy and with Unlimited Creativity
*Enjoy a development culture based on Open Innovation
*Enjoy a Storm of Brains always open to new ideas
*Enjoy a Game with an amazing story line designed that needs the best minds and hands to make it happen

Become a Hailer!
We are looking for a talented, motivated and experienced person to help set up and grow the future of Unnamed 101 and other new exciting titles.
All of the team is very motivated to release an exceptional product and will all share the projects royalties.

As the level designer you will have to create the path our hero walks through, send him into traps, ambushes and hordes of minions. We seek someone who has the skills to make fun maps with the freedom to get all the game pieces and create challenging and rewarding levels.
Game design is done still you will take the role of creative head creating the world to your liking.

*A passion for games and a keen interest in gameplay creation.
*Experience using UDK.
*Scripting experience with Kismet.
*An aptitude for logical problem solving.
*Must be passionate about making games.
*Experience in level editing & design.

*Work closely with the design team, as well as developers from other disciplines, to create game content that delivers a rewarding and exciting experience for the player.
*Create original and fun ideas yourself then implement them.
*Communicate the results of any prototypes and designs to other disciplines in order to validate your design intentions and that they fit with the creative vision.
*Identify requirements of any designs and communicate these to the appropriate teams in order that required content is created. (New Gameplay, AI, Vehicles, Cameras, Audio, Text, Objectives, etc).
*As the project progresses, integrate the content produced by other disciplines for your designs into the game engine.
*Implement pre-existing designs with UDK.
*Implement player feedback to ensure accessibility and appropriate level of difficulty.
*You will also be expected to:
*Locate and fix bugs in your own and your colleagues’ work.
*Conduct gameplay evaluations on your own and your colleagues’ work, providing feedback and suggestions to help fine tune and improve the game.

*Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
*Good organisational abilities and have a high level of attention to detail.
*Creative flair coupled with an analytical approach to problem solving.
*Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
*Enthusiasm for on-going learning and self-development.

Take a look at what we have so far: Game Official Web Page

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