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Location: Manchester, UK - Looking for: Programmers

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Lunavark Studio is a 2013 independent company made up of tasteful and passionate, multicultural collective. A product of Dare To Be Digital 2013, and won 2 awards (Most Artistic Achievement & Team Choice) respectively during the competition.

Job Description:
We are now 'looking for Programmers/ Lead Programmer to share an opportunity of developing an Artful Platformer Indie Game which will be Published and released in 2014. These are contract based full time roles which will demand a lot of love, hard-work & commitment.

Job requires full-time attendance in person (Manchester) starting Feb 2014 latest.

Skills Required:
1. Passion for creative projects
2. Excellent knowledge of C# and UNITY
3. Disciplined in terms of delivery
4. Open mindedness/ enjoy experimenting
5. Have a degree in related fields

Bonus Skills:
1. Have a good eye in design
2. Knows other programming languages
3. Industry experience

£1600/Month (flexible in respect to experience)

To Apply

Contact us at with subject 'Coder' or 'Programmer' for more details. (please provide CV, Portfiolio, etc)

Manchester, UK
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