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Hello, I'm the Project Lead for the Project Rize, which is GoldenWolfGames latest project. We are currently in urgent need of 2 Environment Artists and Level Designers. These positions are currently royalty only, but we're aiming to turn them into fully paid jobs at the start of next year. Preferably we'd like to have experienced individuals apply, but if you have the skills but not the experience please still apply. Applicants must have skills working in UDK also must have skills working with the Landscape tool to create stunning looking landscapes.

For information on Rize, check out our IndieDB page, and our webstie If there's anything you wish to ask which isn't available on our pages please do not hesitate to ask.

To apply you can comment on this thread, PM me , email: or skype: improdz.

Please include that your applying for the Environment Artist/Level Design Positions, and all include a Online Portfolio.

Best Regards

Jamie Moore

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