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Posted by on Jun 5th, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are looking for an experienced C++ Programmer to improve several gamecode related aspects of MCS: Mars City Security (a Windows/Linux/Mac PC based Doom3 Game Modification which is going to be released as a free download to the public).

Mars City Security @

The tasks range from clientside events syncing such as AI "animations", "sounds" and "effects" to rewriting the client prediction code from currently "forward prediction/extrapolation" to "interpolation".

Fortunately the "Doom3 1.3.1" and the "Doom3 BFG GPL" sourcecodes have been released by id software providing us with many of the required netcode changes.

This contract requires solid knowlege of idtech4 based C++ code as well as a good understanding of Doom3's game & netcode.

This job is a fixed pricing contract.

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Contact us here at or send us a resume at

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