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Programmers located Anywhere.

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After our last job posting, we had many applicants, and I am proud to say a lot of talented people joined up and are making this project a reality! That being said, we need more souls!

Unreal Engine 4

Required Skills:
3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter, Hi-poly/Low-poly, Retopo, Proper Geo, UE4 Plugins, Modular Kit Experience, etc.

Recommended Human Skills:
Willingness to learn, dedication to goal, great work ethic.

PBR, Realistic Shaders, Period-style assets (1880s)

We are looking for:

Environment Artists
Texture Artists
Character Artists
Props Artists


"“Project MOPAT” will be a story-driven, cinematic first-person shooter, taking place in America in 1887. It will feature light RPG elements. It will follow the tale of “Half-Rats”, a cynical, bitter protagonist who’s led a rough and tumble life, and has a history rife with traumatic events - along with a drinking problem. After a falling-out, his estranged brother has gone missing, and Half-Rats is compelled by familial love, and the promise of one last chance at a decent life, to find him and rekindle their relationship. Little does Half-Rats know, the truth he’s about to uncover is an ugly one, and that the otherworldly agency behind it all is far uglier, and more insidious than anything he could have imagined - and it’s got big plans."

This will be our third title, and our first standalone, commercial game - driven by the success and major press of our previous mod titles in the "Half-Rats" series - one of which has been recently Greenlit and will be released Halloween 2017 and made it on Rock, Paper, Shotgun' "Best Mods of 2016" list.

We are beginning with a tech demo version, which will feature many aspects of the full game and will be using it to secure funding. At the present, our main focus is building the front-end.

- This will be the perfect project to get great pieces for your portfolio, as well as a valuable learning experience.

- Plans for the tech demo and main game proper are firmly in place, including a multi-section GDD and a synopsis/screenplay.

- Tons of reference photos available. TONS.

- Tech demo world layout completed.

- Official version control repository to be set up to enhance workflow.

- Official Website to be launched.

Plans to procure funding via the tech demo are in place, we just need YOUR help to get it out there!

Current Team Is:

Kurt "Half-Rats" Nelson - Lead Designer, Writer, Project Director
Draylon Polk - 3D Environment/Props Artist/Texture Artist
Mark Churchill - 3D Environment/Props Artist/Texture Artist
Sergey Karabaev - Weapons Artist/Texture Artist
Alex Beck - Props Artist
Oliver "Frag" Curtis - World Builder/Level Design/Scripting, Lighting
Nicholas Welch - 3D Animator
Devan Miller - Heath Games Resident Voice Actor

We plan on really digging into this come October 2017, but there's no reason we can't get ya' started a little earlier!

What are you waiting for? Someone else to get this gig?

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Skype: heath_scoring

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