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Location: USA Ideal, Britain,AUS,LONDON,Etc.. - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Nov 1st, 2013

General Info:
In this department of our company you will be our Graphics Designer for our Company & Indie Games we will be working on.

Being a regular employee you will be a 3 month intern before becoming apart of the official Payroll which will be paid an amount that we both agree upon privately.

Interview & How to Apply:
To apply we request
1 - Personal Resume
2 - Graphics Design you made
3 - Confidence to work under pressure
4 - Being available for conference calls all week

How to get through the Interview Piece
1 - You will be judged by our Executive Branch
2 - You must have a USA Phone Number
3 - You must be able to be called on the week/weekend

Please send your E-Mail to

Subject the E-Mail as
Flagship Studios | Graphics Designer

To Apply

Follow the description to know how to apply!

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