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I am Liam or Bob Fish and I am the CEO and Lead Programmer at Bob Fish Productions. I am 15 and have been coding since I was 8. I use Game Maker Studio and GML to program. I have been looking for a new idea for a game for some time now and have recently started developing something with a project name of "Hacker" with a few of my friends. The game is pretty bad right now but I have almost finished an engine and we are looking for an artist to work with us.

You will be paid something like 25% of the profit from "Hacker". We can negotiate this at a later date and we want someone that does it for fun first, money second.

The things we require are:
- Some experience with making sprites, animations, backgrounds and concept art
- the ability to speak English
- Any Age! (as long as you can be fairly mature)
- Any time zone (as long as we can talk on skype at least once a week, we live in Australia and use AEST time zone)
- A portfolio of some of your previous work

Thanks for reading and please read below on how to apply.

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