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Indie game company Taitale Studios was founded by Nick Nieuwoudt in 2007. Now a small worldwide team of talented artists, programmers and musicians are creating its first major title called Novus Aeterno. A persistent MMO RTS with more than 30.000 players forming alliances, trading but also fighting and backstabbing in the same galaxy.

At the moment we are looking to expand our team with more graphics programmers. This is a full-time job, that can be done anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. You will work on you own, but as part of a team via Skype meetings.

The requirements we have for our GRAPHICS Programmers:
- Strong knowledge in C++ & OO programming.
- Strong knowledge in 3D mathematics.
- Knowledge of shaders programming (HLSL/GLSL).
- Able to work on your own, but as part of a team.
- Strong technical English.

- Experience in videogame development.
- Experience with Vision Engine (by Havok)
- Experience with DirectX / OpenGL
- Passion for game development.

Interested? You can contact me by sending a mail to [Luuk AT]. You want more information about the game before you mail, or in general?

If you have other skills that we might have a use for, feel as free to send me an email with your contact info, CV and whatever else you might want to give us.

Thanks for checking us out!

Luuk Warringa
Taitale Studios

To Apply

Mail, or PM me on our forums.

Anywhere / offsite
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