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Location: Chicago Preferred - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by zerophase on Jun 10th, 2013

Me and a few other people are making an auto-scrolling platformer for Android and other mobile platforms. In terms of play style the game will be similar to Canabalt and Robot Unicorn attack, but with greater focus on narrative, story, and traditionally segmented levels.

We're looking for someone to focus on developing game code; so I have more time for design decisions and coordinating the rest of the team. (I'll help with coding as well.) Hopefully, this will speed up development a bit. We're developing the game in C# with Xamarin and MonoGame, for easy porting. It goes without saying that you should have experience with C# and preferably mobile dev, as well.

Mostly the project is centered around improving the teams understanding of game development pipelines and learning practical implementation skills, not touched on in academic programs. Even with that said, we plan on splitting sales, between team members at the end of the project / after fund raising.

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