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Hello I a Java/C++ programmer with experience on the Source engine, I was the programmer for the mod Perfect Dark: Source, I got a good grasp of the game-making process, but lack a team or artist skills to attempt to go solo :)

I am thinking on creating a game with the goal of selling it, so no projects involving other companies IPs. As I am one programmer the project has to be relatively simple to program, so it probably needs to use an already existing engine.

So long as the project is simple to program given the engine I don't mind working on a 2D or 3D game.

A 3D game like Killing Floor (google it) is simple enough to program and offers the possibility of getting sales, for example.

The engine has to offer all the tools for artists to pack and load their data, creating tools (a mapping application, for example) is too expensive.

I need a good artist with some game designer qualities to discuss possible games to make, I want them to have game designer qualities because I lack skills there and can't get a project started until I get a better idea of what I should be doing.

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