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Oraculum Games is a growing team of modders and developers looking to make a Post-Apocalyptic, open world experience on the Cry-Engine. We are a diverse team of about ten, from four different continents, with varyling levels of experience in game design, programming, and writing. Some of us are either still in school or just out, others have worked on indie games and major mods of the past. Oraculum Games is a brand new group, this is it's first project.

Fifty Years After is a Post-Apocalyptic open world game set in the state of California. It takes place a half-century after a nuclear war between the USA and Soviet Union, that leaves the world in tatters. Large portions of the in-game map will be destroyed and irradiated, including major cities and story locations within the open world.
We're looking to combine many features seen in shooter, RPG, and open world games seamlessly in a survival horror experience. Players will have to learn to survive in a harsh environment, where sustenance, temperature, and radiation all effect in game combat ability and performance. In this way we hope to immerse gamers in a world where there's more to focus on than just choosing between guns and killing enemies, players must make real choices, and face the outcomes and consequences of their decisions.

What we're looking for:
*Talented asset artists that can commit 6 hours a week minimum to the project for a very long time, until the project is finished.
*Inspired individuals who have ideas of their own to bring to the table, and can find a w way to merge their own inspirations into ours in a producive, healthy way.
*Committed people who will stick with the project.
*Fun, friendly people.

We are keen to find environment artists right now, but all positions are welcome to reach out to us. Send us links to any relevant pages with your work, and give us any and all info on past projects, etc.

Check out our crydev recruitment page for more screenshots:

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