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Posted by Sniperz227 on Jul 27th, 2013


We are currently looking for a team who'll assist us in creating our new game. We already have another game in development so we have some experience. I myself have been modelling for over 2 and a half years now and Animating and Texturing for 1. I have 2 years of programming experience in C++ and QuakeC. The new game will be made off of a custom engine and the game play will be very similar to the twisted metal series.

We are looking for :

Engine Programmers:
- You must be familiar with Engine programming
- Familiar with C/C++ and Win32 Programming

Player Modeler:
- Must know how to model players
- Also must know how to model cars and weapons

- Must know how to rig and animate weapons
- Must know how to animate cars

Texture Artist:
- Must be able to texture weapons
- Must be able to texture cars

I can assure you that this is not a project that will die as I have been developing my prior game for 3 year( really a year because I spent 2 years mastering programming/modelling/mapping and animating). I have a passion for my game because this is the game I have always wanted to build.

Please Send me a message Sniperz227 if you are interested.

To Apply

MODDB: Sniperz227

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