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Posted by on Nov 28th, 2013

Everybody knows you need coders, visual artists, and musicians to make a video game, but the best-kept secret in the gaming industry is that every memorable game has had a writer involved somewhere along the line. By "writer" I don't mean someone who can write a complete sentence with very few grammatical errors; no, I mean someone who has spent years studying storytelling and practicing knocking out one story after another. Believe it or not, without a writer on hand there's a very good chance that your game will be beautiful to look at, somewhat fun to play - but completely unmemorable and soulless. Games tell stories. Let me help you tell your game's story!

And don't bother thinking that your game isn't telling a story. All games tell a story - you just need a writer to make that story apparent!

For examples of my writing, check out:

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